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Sustainability reports

Our Sustainability Reports are the primary source of information on the company’s economic, environmental and social performance, as well as our approach to corporate governance and business operation. 

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Sustainable development goals

As an international energy services company Nobel Energy is committed to positively contribute to the socioeconomic development of the countries where it operates, while strictly following industrial and environmental safety, corporate governance and social responsibility standards. 

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Providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and minimizing the impact on the environment remains one of our top priorities. We fully understand and accept our responsibility for operating safely, creating a safe working environment for our employees and protecting the health of our stakeholders. 


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The company’s environmental risk management is an integral part of our management system. In carrying out our activities, we continuously analyze changes in existing legislation and regulations at the propose stage to identify environmental risks and opportunities, take them into account in the process of project implementation and manage them through regular monitoring. 

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Our approach to people

Our people remain the most important asset for the company and the primary contributor to its long-term successful and sustainable development. Our approach to people is based on the principle of social partnership, which encourages us to be a responsible employer. This principle is not governed just by legislative requirements but also a number of the company comittments.

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Through various social and charitable programs, one of our strategic goals is to support the development and socioeconomic sustainability of the regions in which we operate. 

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Ethics and compliance

We realize the important role an honest and conscientious business partner plays in establishing and maintaining trust and confidence. In the interests of maintaining a good level of interaction with our stakeholders, we build our business in full accordance with law and on the basis of ethical values. We view compliance with these requirements as a cornerstone of our activities in the field of sustainable development.

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